No Griefing or Stealing other players things

(Everything is tracked. Everything.)



No cheating, hacking, exploiting, x-raying, etc.

(Some mods like Optifine are allowed, just ask)



Respect ALL players and no harassment or bullying

(We don't tolerate mean or abusive players)



No building within 32 blocks of another player

(At least not without permission.)


No player traps of any kind, on any of our servers



No excessive bad language, spamming, or trolling

(A bad word here and there is fine)



No advertising or mentioning other servers

(Pretty straightforward rule)


No Sand, Gravel, or Obsidian generators

(These are exploits and are not allowed)


No begging or asking players/staff for free stuff

(Or we will set you on fire)


Do not ask staff to TP you or a friend around

(Staff only teleport players if they lost a home or are assisting in staff duties)


Do not give out your personal info in global chat

(Should be obvious, but please be safe on the internet!)

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